Welcome to My Life!

As you may have inferred, my name is Aly, and I'm from Ucluelet B.C. A small town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, where I lived for 18 years. It's where I grounded my roots and found my passion for exploring! Going to the beach, walking through the forests and driving around could be activities that sum up what I've been up to the past few years. Along with studying and the occasional brunch, I'd say growing up on the island is something that defined how I would see the world and connect with people. It's a place I'm sure you'll read about a lot. 


Though, as of recently, you may bump into me around Vancouver B.C. As I'm proud to say I am currently embarking on a new journey at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. I started in September 2019 and so far it's been an experience that has changed my life. Along with my academic journey, I hope to document my life here and share who I am with all of you! A little more about me is that I mostly study, dream of road trips, and spend my time with friends.