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IKEA, an affordable place to buy furniture with a giant warehouse that overwhelmed me greatly. Moving into a new apartment, I had the pleasurable task of furnishing the place! As a university student, IKEA was the only option as I wish to stay in school. Though, I soon learned this company has rather really nice and decently priced items or decently priced items that look great but absolutely suck.


BRIMNES Bed frame with Storage w/ Lonset Base

I got this piece in black and just a heads up, the drawers (on the inside) are grey. The first box we opened just had the grey panels for inside the drawers, dear god I almost had a heart attack. I really did not want to go back to that store and face the return people. I hate returning stuff and that line just looked too crazy. I literally almost just had a grey and black bed.

Anyway, I loved the look of this bed but all the reviews were complaining about the assembly problem. Which, if you think you're going to assemble this by yourself, fun fact: you will not. My friend and I assembled this bed in about three hours. Pay real careful attention to which way every single bolt and piece of wood is placed. I've been using this bed for about a month and I have no complaints! It's beautiful and the storage is amazing. The drawers are deep and now I don't need dressers taking up any space. No squeaking too.

HEMNES Bed Frame with 2 Drawers and Luroy Base

This piece was purchased in white and compared to the first bedframe, this one was so easy to assemble. A few instructions, all very straightforward. It's quite cute too. I haven't used it personally but if you like the look, go for it.


It's so soft and fluffy. Plus, the price is so good for a rug.

EKET Wall Shelves

I bought five of these shelves and mounted them so that they zig zag. Effectivley allowing the tops to become more shelves! I got them in light grey, dark grey, yellow, white and wood colour. My friend and I weren't paying attention when we grabbed these and did not realize at all that they come in different sizes. Which is nice to know for the future- potentially. Right now though, I have two larger shelves and three smaller ones. One of the larger ones now holds my throws in the living room and the other is on the floor.

They were a bitch to to assemble, only 5 pieces but holy, those sides do not want to be in box formation with each other. Thank god they look adorable and modern.


Beautiful. Desk lamp energy, lights up the room pretty well. I usually don't go for a floor lamp but my room has no fixtures in the ceiling. V easy to assemble.

PINNIG Shoe Bench

My friend picked this one out and my god, what a great investment. I love it, it's adorable and really brings together the shoe room. It's a good place to put my bag on when I walk in the door and my shoes look so cute not on the floor.

YNGVAR Bar Stools

In black, I bought three of these bar stool and they really tie the breakfast bar together. I LOVE them. They're classy and nice to sit on. The selling point for me was the back- support and armrests for when you're eating or studying. Something to hang your legs over when you're chatting with your friend that's stuck in their room bc quarantine.


Adorable. Got the inspiration from a clip of Liza Koshy's apartment in one of David Dobrik's old vlogs. Now it's the perfect place to put all my classy trinkets I bought at Homesense. Really makes the living room look adult and I love it. I have succulents, golden pineapple cookie jar, a plant, vase, flowers, couple picture frames, some books and board games.


I have this by a giant plant against my blue accent wall and it's gorgeous. Shout out to Madi- her pick. I'm not sure what to put on it yet but I love it, looks real classy and was only $35.

Overall, IKEA is the place to be and I can't wait to go back. Even just to roam around- it's a magical place full of knick knacks.


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