Jam Cafe


I am currently in the middle of a minor mental breakdown over classes but since consuming four cups of coffee at Denny's and figuring out how to use Microsoft Remote Access on my MacBook, I felt inspired to write a blog post!

All throughout quarantine my future (now current) roommate and I talked about going to Jam Cafe in Downtown Vancouver (near Stadium Station). FINALLY, the day had come! After four long months and a two week quarantine, we went to our beloved breakfast spot.

As an SFU student I was particularly excited to transit because our U-passes were reactivated for the fall term! Goodbye spending too much money on transit! Anyway, after an hour commute and two bus/train switches later, we made it to Stadium/Chinatown. Once you get off the train and make your way to the steps up to the road, Jam Cafe is the restaurant on the right with the line going down the block. That's to say, it's pretty dang good and the portions are pretty great for the prices.

I got the salmon eggs benny with a mimosa as pictured below.

Needless to say, it tasted amazing and I would 100% go back for it. The only ding it does get is that the hash browns were a little mushy in the middle but it didn't stop me from finishing most of it lol. My friend got the tater tot bowl. Which I would describe as a bougie version of what I had to eat at the dining hall in residence everyday. It was delicious, if you're a tater tot fan, you HAVE to try it.

As i've only turned 19 recently, this was also the first time I had a mimosa! I got a single with grapefruit juice (i'm pretty sure the alcohol part was Prosecco). I would definitely say it's an acquired taste but I'd have it again given other people were. The Prosecco was very strong and I will admit I got a little tipsy since it was the first thing I had that morning. The benny definitely sobered me up by the time we left lol.

Funny story:

I posted this picture on my Instagram (to the right of your screen) and my friend's (on the left of the header photo) friend (not pictured) called me an alcoholic. To explain, I was very creative and stalked the internet for a brunch quote. I came across, "brunch without booze is just sad, late breakfast." Now, I don't drink. I've never been drunk and I kind of hated myself for using the word booze but, it was funny! Probably more so if you know me but like-still. Anyway, Zoya, this is the beginning of a war and I'm ready to win, girl.

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Jam Cafe is one of my favourite spots in Vancouver, so if you're in town, go give it a try! They have a smaller menu right now but they still have all the important stuff.