The Inaugural Post

To begin this blog I feel like I should tell you all how I got where I am today. Not that it's much of a story, since to put it plainly, the past 18 years have been pretty school and work focused. But along the way I've met a lot of people and frankly, It's been a moment.

I'll start this story by setting the scene: Ucluelet B.C. For reference: the peninsula I've surrounded with arrows.

- Also known as "Ukee," this piece of land represents my entire family. The past four generations of my Dad's side of the family called this town home.

- Fun Facts: Population of ~1,700

There's an annual town parade in late July.

The closest chain restaurant is an hour and a half away.

With that said and done, life in Ukee was simple, the only danger I really had to worry about was running into a bear or cougar. Everyone I met in pre-school, except a few whom I still probably follow on Instagram, graduated alongside each other this year. I say they graduated along side each other because in grade eight I took the plunge and continued my education through an online school. Something I believe has saved my ass from drowning in University so far. But it was a tough decision, life was a little lonely and it was v hard to learn some things by myself. Thankfully, Khan academy really came through for me (and continues to) for math (screw 157-more on that later).

Ultimately, I took a few classes with my original classmates through grades 11 and 12. I wanted to die every moment of high school and eventually worked my ass off enough to get good grades all while graduating a tumultuous semester early. In between school I had a job, got a golden retriever and travelled quite a bit with my family.

When I was 13 I began working at the Ucluelet Co-op, the one grocery store in my town. I stocked shelves, cashiered, and was briefly a produce clerk from May 2015-August 2019. This job was the one thing that got me through high school and made my summers interesting. I loved working with the people there. They're basically family at this point and even though they were a pain in the ass some days, I'm sure I was too and I still plan on working there next summer. One thing I have to say about working in a grocery store is that you will never spend more on random shit than you will when you're a grocery clerk. (I've literally paid eight dollars for a litre of maple water).

These are pictures of my golden retriever, Ysa, throughout the past couple years. She's currently just over two years old. I love her as much as she loves food.

And with that we are at the current day! As of September 2019 I am a first year undergrad at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby B.C. I'm studying at the Beedie School of Business and getting a feel for living in the city. As you may have noticed the road here as been relatively easy to navigate. Though instead of riding in a car down the road of life I'd say I'm now on a bike stuck on fourth gear going up a mountain. Trust me, you'll get more of the story later... but regardless I wouldn't change a thing!

All that has basically been a quick recap of the past few years! Welcome to my blog and I hope you'll stick around for the journey!


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