The Kombucha Taste Test


Today, I invite you on a journey that is close to my heart. That is, a taste test of the new(er) Rise flavours. For everyone who isn't already aware, Rise is a brand of Kombucha made in Quebec, Canada. It is a fermented tea beverage that costs a decent amount of money per bottle but not as much as a grande latte at Starbs- so it's justifiable. At least that is what I told myself when I used to spend $20-30/week on the stuff.

Although there are many brands of kombucha, Rise has become my go-to. It used to be Búcha but my local grocery store no longer carries it. To sum it up though, Búcha was basically just stronger in fizz and vinegar-y aftertaste. Shout out to GT too, Guava Goddess is perfect.

This review will be on Rise's new 1g line of kombucha's, which boast only containing 1g of sugar per serving. Perhaps I'll do a review on the classics line one day but, spoiler alert: Mint & Chlorophyll is where it's at. I feel like I don't have to say it, but, I am not being paid to do this.

THE KOMBUCHA TASTE TEST no particular order

Raspberry and Vanilla

Initial thoughts included things like, "why" and "that does not look good." So, with that mindset, I took my first sip of the beverage. Fizz, as always, kind of takes away from the flavour, and then...druUUUUm RooOOOLll. Odd. Weird. I'm not sure what it actually tastes like.

I did finish the drink out of the fact that I paid for it but, I would not buy it again. It's just, I couldn't even decided what it even tasted like. It did not taste like raspberry nor vanilla, I will say that.

Kiwi and Pineapple

This one looks the most beautiful and enticing. It's blue on the bottom, not sure why but I'm a fan. As soon as you open the bottle the smell really jumps at you, it's not bad, overtly pineapple.

The first sip: The flavour is not overpowered by the fizz! It tastes like kombucha, that slightly vinegar aftertaste combined with a lingering of fruitiness. The fruit taste stays, this is definitley the strongest Rise flavour I've had.

Mango and Papaya

I can't see how this one could be bad, visually, this flavour looks classy and delicious. A theme I've noticed at this point is that the sediment in these kombuchas are thicker than the classic. They don't resemble SCOBY either, their more chunky and stay as flakes in the beverage.

First impressions: The smell is delightful, tropical is probably the best word to describe it. Milder fizz than the others, the aftertaste really brings out the mango. Refreshing, summery, and it doesn't linger for too long. I imagine taking this one to the lake and thoroughly enjoying my day.


So, I discovered that on Rise's website the have cocktail and mocktail recipes to make using their kombucha! I happened to have a mango or two in my fridge so, decided to make the mocktail associated with the Mango and Papaya flavour. Recipe here.

Below are the steps I took to make it and it is DELICIOUS. The fizz is just slightly there, but the mango adds a perfect sweetness to the mix and the ice makes it, the smoothest slushy I've ever had. I unfortunately don't have basil but I'm sure that would just add the perfect finishing to this drink.

Watermelon and Mint

This is the flavour I've saved to try last because I want it to be amazing so badly. The most normal looking of the bunch, smells like a freshly cut watermelon upon opening of the cap.

First sip: The mint is prominent. Not in a bad way or overreaching way but it does taste like mint which has been there for a while. For the watermelon side of things, it does remind me of GT Kombucha's Watermelon flavour- more rind focused in the taste department. Still refreshing and would probably buy again.

The Rankings

  1. Mango and Papaya

  2. Watermelon and Mint

  3. Kiwi and Pineapple

  4. Raspberry and Vanilla

The verdict: I don't even know why they thought #4 was a combination to be had.


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